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WMWX  88.9 Cincinnati, Ohio
WKCX  89.1 Crittenden, Kentucky
WYNS 89.3 Waynesville, Ohio

ClassX is an affordable, cost-effective programming alternative without the restrictions of traditional satellite-delivered radio networks.  ClassX is available to all stations large and small, whether you're a big market station or a startup LPFM or HD.  Whether you want to go with our music programming full-time or part-time.  We can supply everything you need including the music, customized station imaging, underwriting production, voice tracking with professional talent, station logos, and more. ClassX programming streams to your studio via the internet and runs on the computer at your station rather than satellite.  Add your own elements for a truly local sound.

Music Format:

ClassX offers a unique blend of Classic Album Rock blended with Today's Melodic Rock & AOR, from the 1960s through today.  Our music goes beyond just the same old top 10 from each year that listeners hear on every other Classic Rock station.  ClassX music delves deeper into the charts, spinning the hits that your audience heard back in the day but may have forgotten.  So with ClassX, your listeners get the big hits, but also enough variety to keep things interesting for them.

The mix of music heard on ClassX contains a balance of Rock that your competitor rarely play.  Core artists include the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Survivor, Toto, Journey and new artists like Terry Brock, Wet, Stan Bush, 7th Heaven, Vega and many many more. 


Unlike many satellite-delivered networks, ClassX can provide customized local and network imaging sweepers.  Imaging is tightly-produced and voiced by our professional in-house staff.

Specialty Programs:

In addition to the music, ClassX also provides the specialty music program Beatles-A-Rama free of charge to all network affiliates.  In the future we plan to add more specialty music programming. ClassX also takes care of programming your national PSAs free of charge.

We can produce additional programs for a small monthly fee. 
Contact us for a complete list of additional programs.


Customization and Delivery:

ClassX is quite possibly the most customizable Classic Rock radio network available.  Rather than the traditional method of satellite delivery for network programming, your station computer stays connected to our stream 24/7.  It's an Internet stream with high quality audio.  Perfect for LPFM stations who don't want to invest in a great deal of satellite equipment, as well as larger stations looking for a competitive edge with the Classic Rock format.   Additionally, ClassX content is customizable for either commercial or non-commercial stations.  We started as non-comm, so we're sensitive to the needs of non-comm stations.


ClassX is a very cost-effective solution for stations looking to bring professional-sounding Classic Rock based programming to their market.  As a matter of fact, ClassX can be delivered to your station.  Bring ClassX to your market and make your listeners HAPPY! ClassX is delivered to you via High Speed Internet at CD quality.  Contact us today to get started.  

About the ClassX Radio Network:

The ClassX format is now owned and operated by Spryex Communications, Inc.  88.9 FM WMWX,  89.1 FM WKCX and 89.3 FM WYNS, are owned by Spryex Communications, Inc., which is a non-profit 501(c) (3) tax exempt charitable organization.  All Spryex affiliate stations are licensed by ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC.