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What's happening on ClassX Radio


We've not stopped!  We're still expanding and 2014 will reveal more dial positions in Cincinnati and NKY making it easier for you to listen to your Favorite Radio Station that has become ClassX .  Stay Tuned as we bring you more information on these new signals!
ClassX is Locally Owned and Listener Supported

If you enjoy listening to ClassX , please pledge a monthly TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION for a year or more and become a ClassX  member.
There are several ways to become a member:
  + ONLINE with Credit Card or PayPal (secure)
  + CALL (513) 201-8891 or (513) 436-0089
  + MAIL a Check to our office
                5114 Princeton-Glendale Road
                Hamilton, OH 45011
  + CASH Drop by the studios during your
                favorite live show and say hi!
Need more reasons to give?  Keep reading...

ClassX - We are NOT CLEAR CHANNEL!  

But here is what we are...
  • Local Ownership, born and raised in Cincinnati.  We know the history of this town!
  • We don't play the same 20 songs over and over
  • We play EVERYTHING!
  • We play NEW 80's Sounding Tunes!  We call it "TODAY'S ROCK"
  • We are Everything that Clear Channel, Cumulus and Radio One, ARE NOT!
  • We're are 88.9 FM in Cincinnati & NKY, 89.1 FM in NKY and 89.3 FM up in Warren County. 
  • We Love Channel Changers!  Static on one channel, try the other!  Up one, Down one!
L¡VE ClassX Music Magazine Is Now Available At Locations Everywhere!

Pick up your free copy of the NEW SPRING/SUMMER 2014 EDITION of L¡VE at THESE MAGAZINE LOCATIONS after April 15th or read our digital version online now by clicking the cover above.  It will be available in both NKY and Cincinnati at locations everywhere.   Do you have a store and you want to carry L¡VE?  Call us and we'll bring you some to give to your customers resulting in more traffic for your store!  ClassX continues to expand service to the community with this FREE unique, local publication filled with news about ClassX, local artists, unique local human interest stories and so much more.  It really is "Music For Your Eyes".  Advertise in L¡VE.  Call us 513-436-0089.  It's an affordable way for local business' to get tons of exposure in both Print AND Radio!  No other station would do it, so we did!  You can read a digital copy - HERE.

Two Legends On The Team!     ClassX

Bob "The Producer" Berry (Twice Daily and Saturdays at 7:10 PM) & Wildman Walker Sports & Rock (Mon-Thu 3-6 PM, Fri 4-6 PM)!

ClassThe Best Rock Station On The Planet! 

That's what we hear, all of the time! Over 8 Million website hits per month is not uncommon.  Would all of this exposure help your business?  Sure it will.  Contact us for our banner rates and let us do you a favor, we'll help your business grow!

ClassX Gets Letters...

ClassX!  It means I'm gonna have a good day when I hear it!
-Jennifer, Cincinnati 





Cincinnati's Underdog Radio Station

The Home of Wildman Walker 





Coming Soon to 89.1 FM in Lebanon/Waynesville!

OFFICE: 513.436.0089 | STUDIO: 513.201.8891

Best Radio Station in Cincinnati by CityBeat Magazine 

Is There No ClassX In Your Town?  It's possible to bring one there!
Contact your local stations and ask them to become an affiliate
of the ClassX
 Radio Network

Best Program Director 2012 & 2014 by New Music Weekly 

Non Commercial/College Stations 

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 ClassX Radio Announces a New Partnership with La Salle High School.  Listen in the Fall for LaSalle Football games broadcast live on all three ClassX Stations.  In the Winter 2013-2014, we'll be broadcasting Basketball as well! 


 Classgets you out of the bed and onto the Couch every morning!


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