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Become A ClassX Radio Community Partner

ClassX Radio is non-commercial, educational radio s determined by the

Federal Communications Commission. The results are that we do not sell

traditional or conventional advertising like commercial stations because we

are restricted about what we can say about for-profit businesses. If you are

a non-profit organization, we have no restrictions about what we can say

about your organization. ClassX Radio offers for-profit companies a way to

promote their businesses to our listeners through advertising and underwriting

announcements as set forth by FCC rules.


Announcements Can Say:

  • Who You Are

  • What You Do or Sell

  • When You Are Open

  • Where You Are Located

  • Why You Do What You Do

  • How Old Your Business Is

  • How to Contact You


Announcements Need to Avoid:

  • Calls to Action (call today, stop by, buy one)

  • Making qualitative or comparative statements (lowest price, best in town)

  • Mentioning prices (even using the word "Free")

  • Promoting a sales event


Sample Legal Business Plug

ClassX Radio welcomes our new sponsor at Jim Bob's and Retail Store

located at 30 North Broadway in downtown historic Lebanon, Ohio. Jim Bob's

Hobby and Retail Shop, features hobby kits.  They also have many models

from trains to planes, art supplies, and their own proprietary brand of products. 

Details on their website at isacstore dot com and Facebook. 

Their phone number, 513-836-3557.

ADVANTAGES of Becoming a ClassX Radio Community Partner
• Format…ClassX Radio is a Classic Rock station who's music dates back to

the 60's, 70' and 80's.  Our listeners typically are passionate music lovers. 

Our music format reaches a wide demographic, ages 25-72. One of our partners,

Model Mobile Care Sales told us recently that his business is up 20% after

only one year of partnership/advertising with us!
• Listener Loyalty…ClassX Radio gives you the opportunity to speak directly to one

of the most loyal and dedicated groups of radio listeners, Classic Rockers. 

It's a format of music that most of the population loves.   It stirs the memories

of days gone by and brings a smile to listeners faces.  Our listeners support

the businesses that support us.  
• Satisfaction…Every time you turn on ClassX Radio you will remember that you are

a giver, helping what we do  at ClassX Radio, continue.  We are the only independent

Classic Rock radio station left in the Cincinnati area.


Underwriting/Advertising Packages
ClassX Radio underwriting opportunities are available to fit almost any budget. 

Packages begin at $175 per month. Event sponsorship is also available.


Underwriting announcements achieve similar, if not better results as traditional

or conventional advertising. Announcements on ClassX Radio are designed to provide

listeners valuable and targeted information about your business or organization that

they can use and act on without all of the hype they can make listeners turn off your

message and tune out.  As a result, we believe that listeners will seek out opportunities

to patronize your business and help you succeed in the marketplace because of your

choice to be a ClassX Radio Community Partner.

Bill Spry

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