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Two long time radio pro's, Bill Spry & Matt Talluto, that, by the grace of God, crossed each others path only to realize they were both tired of the lies being spoon fed to American's by the main stream media.  So, they've joined forces to deliver the truth in a way that isn't so boring and "newsy".  Combine that with some of the BEST Rock N' Roll, positive ideas, sarcasim and lots of FUN.  Sounds like a great time for you to join.  On Monday thru Friday 9-10 AM and afterwards join them on our Rumble channel on video from 10-11 AM.  Links Below..., 

They don't have all of the the answers and they're not preachers, pastors, or priests.  Just two regular guys who believe in doing what's right.  Perfect? Haha.  No. They're FAR from perfect!  These two goofs continue to screw up on a daily basis.  But with our Creator at the helm leading the way, all things are possible.


So, regardless of where you listen...or how, let's get into..."THE FREEDOM RING"!

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