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Spryex Communications, owner of ClassX Radio has aquired WHSS 89.5 FM in Hamilton, OH.  Now you can listen to ClassX in Hamilton, Fairfield & Oxford Ohio on 89.5 FM.    

You can also listen on your phone by calling (563) 999-3104
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Join Bill & Marci Mornings on Friday from 9-11 AM.  Classic Rock News, History, Local Band Interviews and more.  We make your end of week FUN!

Spryex Communications, owner of ClassX Radio has aquired WHSS 89.5 FM in Hamilton, OH.  This means improved coverage for Butler County communities and signal on I-75!   We are bringing the station back on the air in October 2023.  Please support our efforts and GIVE towards our need of $20,000 to purchase needed equipment including our antenna and Emergency Alert Equipment.  

Do you LOVE ClassX Radio?  Our format?  Do you listen often?  If you are a Classic Rock lover and have a dream of hosting a volunteer On-Air slot, perhaps now is Your Time!  ClassX Radio has a few on-air volunteer positions available.  Interested?  Contact us!

Are you a Vinyl Record collector?  ClassX now sells records online.  Welcome to ClassX Vinyl.  We are adding titles all of the time, over 30,000 to add.  Keep a watch and buy what you like!  All proceeds go to help ClassX Radio stay on the air.  Access ClassX Vinyl HERE and take a look.  If you can't find what you are searching for, send us a message.  We might have it but just have not listed it yet.


They're Rockin' In Hartsville!  So Be It and welcome to our latest affiliate station, 95.9 WMSZ.  

Own a station?  We can bring the ClassX Radio Format to your town, too.  Prices are inviting!  Call us for details!

Colorful Records


Order an album of your choice anytime.  Just click the button above or text the word PAY4PLAY to 44321 or call us at 513-436-0089 to make a $29 donation and then CLICK HERE TO REQUEST YOUR ALBUM SELECTION BY SENDING US A MESSAGE to let us know what album you want us to play in its entirety.  Albums are aired one after another, M-F from 9 AM-7 PM in the order in which they are received. Order anytime, 24/7!

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